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Bad public segment description in Mautic?

Not sure if I am posting to the right topic, but I find this description in segments unclear/misleading?


shouldn’t it be:

Public segment aslo will be shown in preference page , if you created.

Good point, this is actually a language string rather than documentation, but it could indeed be clearer!

Are you familiar with contributing to Mautic?

You could propose the change pretty easily, happy to walk you through how to do that!

I am pretty new to Mautic, so not sure if I am right, but I think “Available in Preference Center” is the option for that…?

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No, I am not, but I would be happy to, because Mautic is great. So if I can give smth back, I’m in.
(I don’t have programming skills)

So I suppose, the original post is correct and instead of “this option enable segment usage in Mautic with contact preferences and any actions” should be “this option determines if the segment is available for all users to see and use, or only the user who created the segment”?

That sounds perfect!

I am just on a train, so I could not record audio, but I did a quick screen capture of how to find where the text is (you can search within the files of any Mautic instance) and then how to find it on Github and make the change. Here it is:

Steps to follow:

  1. Sign up for an account at if you do not have one already
  2. Go to which is where the code for Mautic resides
  3. We need to find the file where this tooltip is specified. I searched my Mautic files, and found it in app/bundles/LeadBundle/Translations/en_US/messages.ini. So, we browse the Github file structure, until we find that file.
  4. Once we find the file, we need to find the specific language string. I did this by searching for the text that it shows.
  5. When we know we’re in the right place, click ‘edit’ at the top of the file. You need to be logged in at this stage.
  6. Make the change by replacing the old text with the new text
  7. Leave a message about what you are doing - you can link to this thread if you like in the comment.
  8. Submit at the bottom, then it will ask you to commit your changes
  9. We can’t make changes directly without someone approving, we have to make a request for our code to be merged into the main code base. This is called a ‘Pull Request’ and you should be prompted then to make a pull request (PR). The same text is fine that we use in the commit.
  10. This will be reviewed by the core team, and if they are OK with it, will be merged into the next release!
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