Trouble creating List (Segment) Email via API

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.2
My PHP version is: 7.4.30
My Database type and version is: mysql 8.0.30

Your problem
My problem is:
[Using n8n / Integromat / Make] I cannot successfully create a new ‘list’ email via the API. I’ve gotten a variety of errors, but I’m currently stuck with either “lists: This value is not valid,” or “[400] Looks like I encountered an error…

I did successfully create a ‘template’ email from API call, however it loaded with the old email editor, and i cannot edit the email at all.

Here’s the JSON payload I’m sending in the body of the call:

    "isPublished": false,
    "name": "test API email",
    "subject": "API test email",
    "fromAddress": "",
    "fromName": "Entrepositive",
    "customHtml": "<p>My HTML</p>",
    "emailType": "list",
    "lists": [
    "template":  "blank"

These errors are showing in the log:
lists: This value is not valid

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
Literally, everything I can think of, plus:

  • Every relevant topic in this forum
  • Slack
  • YouTube

Would anyone be willing to share the JSON payload they use for a POST to create a segment/list email?

Thank you!


Still having this problem and finding solutions on this forum and the net very limited.

Any help appreciated!