Tsk tsk. Apparently you don't have access to this area

I embeded Mautic form in a third party website and on submission I get a forbidden error - Tsk tsk. Apparently you don’t have access to this area

Do anyone know why I am getting this error and what I can do to fix it



I the Mautic configuration you can define “valid domains” and “trusted servers”. Perhaps you have to add the domain of your external website there, so that mautic accepts the submissions.

Thanks Mathias, your information helped.

@Kelly Its better to install mautic on domain or subdomain infact.

I have the same error still. Here is what I have tried so far: Explicitly including my domains (both in Cors and in “Trusted hosts”), but it did not help.
The “worst” part is, that my old forms work until I update them (add a field, anything). New forms do not work at all.
I am lost here and all ideas are welcome.