Tuning in multiple unsubscription messages

I have the mautic set in a subdomain like: feedback.anonymousexample.com

I run multiple-branded business via multiple WordPresses each in a separated domain. Say for example nice-biz.com or super-cool-biz.net. All them get tracked on feedback.anonymousexample.com one single instance of mautic to track them all.

The sites, in addition to having different colors, they may run in different languages (English, Spanish,…) or even different language styles (super-formal, colloquial, etc.)

When a user fills a form in, and gets into a campaign, I’ve seen there’s a “general setting” with the unsubscription text.


May I have a “set of unsubscription texts” and tell "these 50 emails will go with unsubscription style 1 (english colloquial) and those other 30 emails will go with ubsubscription style 2 (spanish formal), etc.??