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Managing multiple Mailing Lists for Multiple Brands

Mautic is a really cool product! I would really like to be able to use it but it’s missing some requirements to manage multiple lists.

I have several brands and each brand has its own identity, message etc. I need to be able to send a campaign to list A and have it come from list A, same for list B-Z. If I was able to specify the from Name and Address defaulted on the Segment/List and maybe override it on the Email that would probably work. I have used other software that had “Lists” and “Segments” that worked very well.

When a user clicks unsubscribe I need them to only be unsubscribed from that list. I have seen the workaround, but it lacks the one click unsubscribe and unsubscribe tracking. Two very basic features.

If anyone has suggestions about these two issues please let me know so I start using Mautic.

At the moment it looks like i would need a Mautic install for each brand (14).

You might take a look at Mautic categories and contact preferences (“Unsubscribe Settings” in Mautic settings) to accomplish that. That will allow you to maintain different categories = lists, users can subscribe and unsubscribe per list.

The second thing - branding per list/category - will have to be done manually, I guess. You will have to duplicate each email for each list.

@Jesse Thomas Or you can get Mautic Maestro