Using separate email for each list

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My Mautic version is: 2.6.2
My PHP version is:7.2

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My problem is: How to send autoresponders to a list with custom email only for that list.
Seems like you can only use one main email to send out emails for all lists.
If I have several websites and email list for each website in mautic, I need to use different email for each website list

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

One solution is:

  1. Turn on mailer is the owner in Config.
  2. Upload your ‘list’ with the specific owner.
  3. Enjoy.

can you be more specific?
you have to log out and log in as different user right?

Sorry if I was vague.
You create more users. These different users can own different contacts.
When you import by csv (or API in fact), then you can specify which user is the owner of the contacts to be imported.
And if your settings are set as ‘mailer is the owner’ then the sender of each email will be overwritten by the owner’s email address.
I hope this helps. If not, I’ll make some screenshots for you.

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the only question is if you create separate users, do you have to log in and log out when you switch?

You can also set the sender info on a per email basis.

No, you dont. Its not about logged in users. It’s about lead owners.

yes i know that…so as segments i should define each website list?
What is the category for? I could not figure it out the difference between category and segment…

I wouldn’t use categories at this point, it is not achieving what you want.


You can actually use segment to emulate a list. In fact segment is the entity you send your newsletter to. So put your contacts into segments and send out your list (segment).

To achieve the function each list diff. sender email - you need to do the settings I mentioned above.

You need to change the way you think. While Mautic can be used for sending bulk email, but the power is in the customized journey for each lead. There are other tools, that support bulk emails similarly to Interspire.

If this is still not clear, I’ll make a video for you…

that is what I wonder, customized lead…how will mautic know to change the user to different segment? It cant track when the user buys the ebook for example…

so to have everything in one account and manage 10 email lists I will create 10 users and 10 segments…
website 1 subscriber segment
website 2 subscriber segment

assign each segment to different user?
And use different email for each user send from…

so as admin I will be able to manage these users inside my backend?

Yes. Those accounts will be the owner of leads. Those leads will receive emails from their respective owners.

Why you want to change the user to different segment? Do you have the same lead in multiple segments?

Each website will have separate webform to signup visitors and put them into its own list.
Each website will have its own contact list.
THese websites have nothing in common. So I will have to use unique email compaigns for each website /list.

For example I have a yoga website, webdesign site, computer site etc…nothing ic common here

So now I will create a registered user for each of these websites. I will register them by same email that I will use later to send email newsletter , autoresponders to contacts in their list.

Am I doing this right?

As a rule, you should not mix contacts in this way.

I have setup a cross domain installation of Mautic, but they relate to each other.

Mixing contacts as you are doing may cause difficulties in the long run.

Anyway, this is what you should do:

  1. Create a campaign for each website and name them so you can distinguish which campaign belongs to which website.
  2. Then create a segment for each website and name them to so you can distinguish which segment belongs to which website. Add a suffix like “ - all contacts”
    3 in each campaign, create a flow so on visit (page hit*) the contact is assigned to the corresponding segment.

With this setup you have the ability to filter contacts by website using the campaigns and the segments in which they are.

At this point you can start to create the auto responders.

Create a form for each website and embed it on the corresponding website.

On form submit, as action use add to campaign and set the corresponding campaign.

Now you can create the auto responders emails: for each email you can set a different sender (different emails).

At this point use the campaigns to send out the emails and build the real auto responders.

For each website, when you create new campaigns, make sure you can distinguish to which website it belongs.

I use a pattern like this:

[SHQ] Main campaign

Where SHQ and COM stand for the abbreviations of my websites.

Yep, if your leads have nothing in common than aerendir’s approach is the best solution.

I would add one more thing. If you add source_website1 as a tag to the leads, than you can any time filter for where they subscribed to. Add this tag when you import them OR when they fill out the form. This way you can handle all these leads as one group no matter if they are imported or filled out the form.

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this is what i dont understand…should not it be when the user fills up the form then he is assigned to segment? WHat do you mean by visit page, what if he does not subscribe?

By visit page I mean that when you create segments, depending on your funnel you may want to distinguish each phase/step.

So, the form submission is good only for the first step, but for the subsequent ones you need to track the page visited, the same thing you would do if you would like to track the funnel in Google Analytics or any other analytics tool.

@aerendir @joeyk If using @aerendir’s approach, how do we specify a different sender for each website (and its associated segments and campaigns)?
We still need to assign each contact in a segment to a different Mautic user, right? Or am I missing something?