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Twig Template - Installation Problems (instructions unclear)

Hoping someone can help me understand the issue.

Following the instructions on GitHub - Logicify/mautic-advanced-templates-bundle: Plugin extends default email template capabilities with TWIG block so you can use advanced scripting techniques like conditions, loops etc

I run into an issue at - 2. Delete your cache ( app/cache/prod ).

I’m not very knowledgable about this stuff, but in my file manager I’ve tried deleting a bunch of things that I think this refers to, since searching that exact path doesn’t come up with anything (app/cache/prod).

My app folder doesn’t have a ‘cache’ folder. I have a ‘var/cache’ and some caches in /vender - but nothing I delete helps, it all just puts my Mautic site offline.

A lot of my google searching to resolve this issue brings up super old help discussions which I don’t really understand.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Hello! As far as know that Twig template plugin is a no-go under Mautic 2+. I have a blog post explaining the differences with a new plugin that works with M3 filling the void:

Good luck!