Unable to install Mautic Multi Domain Plugin

Team, I have manually installed this plugin GitHub - FriendlyDotCH/mautic-multi-domain and I am receiving an error when attempting to access Mautic. Could someone help me to resolve this issue?

Currently using

Mautic version: v5.0.3
PHP Version: 8.1.27

Not compatible with v5. I had the same issue and as it’s a necessity for me I’ve moved to v4.

@loki Thanks for jumping in on this. Also, may I know which version you are using right now?

I’m on v4.4.11 . There are still a few issues that need to be sorted out in v5 IMO, I’m sure it will be great after a few more updates but v4.4.11 is a much smoother experience at the moment.

@loki, thank you for the information. I’m new to Mautic. How can I downgrade my version? Do I need to take a backup before doing that? Also, do I have to delete and reinstall Mautic?

I’m pretty new too. As far as I could tell there is no easy downgrade procedure, you could always try and overwrite the install files with a copy of v4.4.11 and hope for the best but I didn’t know what (if any) database changes there were between the versions so opted to set up a fresh install with a new database, basically starting from scratch.

The plugin will be eventually upgraded, please be patient. We dont have a timeline for it. There is know simple way to downgrade Mautic, I suggest a reinstall.

@joeyk ,

Thank you for your inquiry. I would like to know how to handle SMTP when users are in different domains and both are using GMAIL. Could you please provide some guidance on this?

Hi the plugin manages multiple domain via 1 SMTP.
Not Multiple SMTP via Multiple domain.

Maybe this can help. I have not done this but others did.
This is a postfix related issue, maybe you have more experts in a postfixc forum.