Unable to make older themes show up as options when using GrapeJS

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: MySQL 5.7

Your problem
My problem is:

I have the GrapeJS builder enabled and then tried adding the required string to the config.json file of my older templates. I tried adding “builder”: [“grapesjsbuilder”]. I’ve been using the “Sunday” theme to experiment with this.

When I clear my cache and reload the dashboard, everything is fine. When I go to create a new email though, only the default GrapeJS ones are available (Brienz, etc).

I get no errors in console or the logs.

Has anyone had any luck getting the old templates to work with GrapeJS?

You have to use:

 "builder": "grapesjsbuilder",

There is no [ ]

For info, in 3.3.3 that is the case but it did change in the later releases from 4.0.0-beta (see the note in the docs here: Email & Landing Page Builder | Mautic).

Maybe the best thing to do would be copy the syntax as it is in the Brienz theme in your instance, that should be correct for whatever state your plugin currently is in!

Just note that when you update to 4, you’ll need to tweak the syntax again (we are making this clear in all of the release notes and comms about the release).

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I tried your suggestion of copying the lines from the Brienz theme and paste them into the Sunday theme (and a couple others). No change. When listing all themes in settings, they show neither a “legacy” nor “GrapeJS” label. They just show a small dot. When creating a new email, still only the native GrapeJS ones show up (Brienz, Paprika, etc).

I read through the string of messages on the PR and it did not help me to find any other solution.

Any other ideas?

Assume that you’ve tried clearing your cache and browser cache?

Otherwise I am not sure.

I had the dots issue in testing some months back which was resolved, but from what I recall it was a caching issue.

Definitely not experiencing it at present but I am mostly working in Mautic 4 at the moment :frowning: