Unpublished Email Send by Active Campaign

Hi all,
Just created an email campaign to 13K user with a unpublished email. The campaign action showed100% send, when we realized the problem, we set the email as “publihshed” .
Does anyone know whether the 13K user will get the email or not ?

if you build and publish a campaign, and the campaign have an action to send an e-mail to the contact, but the e-mail itself is unpublished, what will happen is:

the campaign step will be processed acording to the specified flow (depending on flow tree, time spefied etc), once the action to send the e-mail is triggered, it will count as processed, but the e-mail itself will not be send, since it is unpublished.

so the campaign action showing 100% means that the action on the campaign flow was performed, but the e-mail was not send. you may need to look at the channel->Email view to see the number of e-mails that was actually send in that case