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How do I get the unsubscribe to work on the mautic system without sending an email to me or my web site?

I want the unsubscribe to work on the mautic system database.

Could you write an example of what are you trying to achieve? Because if you I understand you correctly, you want to unsubscribe a lead from a list manually. Would just removing the lead from the list work for you?

How do I get the unsubscribe to work on the mautic system without sending an email to me or my web site?

I want the unsubscribe to work on the mautic system database.

Yes, I want the lead to be removed automatical from my mautic lead list database.

Hmm, so you want to do this automatically or manually?

My understanding of automatically is that when a lead clicks the unsubscribe link in an email, he will be unsubscribed. This is how it works now. So what is your question again?

I m` struggling to set it removed the lead.

It is sending an email to me at the moment.

Is it possible to import an unsubscribe list of people who’ve already unsubscribed in the previous email platform? I have an extensive list of unsubscribes collected over the years and would really not like to send any emails to these addresses.

Also if someone unsubscribes once and I accidentally import the same address again will I be able to send an email to them or will mautic prevent me from sending the email?

@ziga I think that when you import you can just set the no contact field to be ‘1’ or ‘true’, and that will prevent mails being sent to the individual.

One way of doing this if you’re using Mailchimp for example is to view your unsubscribes and then export them. When you export you can open up the CSV file and add a column called ‘nocontact’ or something, and then bulk-fill that for all the entries. When you then import them to Mautic they should have the no contact field set - at least that is my understanding of how it works. Note: Don’t import the leads into a list if you don’t want them in the list! :slight_smile:

My understanding is that this would have the effect of setting that value to ‘no contact’ in the database for all those users. I don’t believe that Mautic will send emails to those individuals unless you reset the value in the ‘no contact’ field.

I don’t know what happens if they elect to sign up to a list again in the future though, perhaps one of the Mautic developers could provide some input. I also don’t know how to prevent them getting mail from one specific list rather than from all lists, except for removing them from the particular list. I don’t think there is a bulk-remove feature but that might be useful, to upload a list of emails and remove from specified lists?


So if there is a column with “nocontact” in it, mautic will know that contact is unsubscribed? That is how mautic does it?

That contact email have bounced you CANT send any more emails to that contact

Did an experiment, sent a direct email from Mautic to one of my email addresses, when it arrived, I unsubscribed and my email address was marked as “do not contact” in mautic.
However, when I sent another direct email from mautic to that address, it went through without any issue. I got the second email just like before.

Any thoughts?

You use a Campaign Trigger to send the email or you Select the Contact and Select Send Email?

I Select the Contact and Select Send Email.