Unsubscription test fails

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.11
My PHP version is: 7.4.33

Your problem
I like to use AboutMy.email as part of my pre-flight checks, and was exited to see that Mautic is supporting the one-click unsubscribe now.

But something doesn’t work as I thought it would, aboutmy.email complains about a missing RFC 8058 One-Click and a missing List-Id header.

In my case, I also get an error regarding “RFC 8058 unsubscription requires a DKIM signature covering List-Unsubscribe and List-Unsubscribe-Post”, but I guess this is a bug in my DKIM configuration.

If some kind soul could test a Mautic 4.4.11 email on aboutmy.email and reply back to see where it fails.

Thanks a ton !

Hi, did you do ‘test send’ or actual segment email send?

Send Test. It’s pre-flight, that is to say to check everything before take-off.

I also tested with Mautic Segment mail (no test sending) to outlook and to gmail. In both cases, the unsubscribe functionality is not showing up. I send with Mautic 4.4.11 via Amazon SES.

I can provide headers to check. My impression - there are more than the expected headers as described in https://certified-senders.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/CSA_one-click_list-unsubscribe.pdf

Also they seem to be embedded into some other tags in the mail header?

Looks broken to me too.

OK - reading @joeyk article: 2024 Feb. email regulations – the Mautic angle – Joey Keller I understand the unsubscribe button doesn’t need to actually be shown due to Gmail itself. Probably the same is valid for Microsoft Outlook?

So can it be confirmed, that the actual implementation satisfies the standard, even if no unsubscribe button shows up in the receivers clients?

I wrote in my article, that Gmail doesn’t show the unsubscribe link for certain sender.
In this case you would have 0 unsubscribe option for receivers.
I will def. keep adding the unsub link.

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That is a misunderstanding. Of course we still use the visible unsubscribe links in the footer. I meant the client generated “unsubscribe from list” button which doesn’t show up for reasons mentioned. So Google / Yahoo may be satisfied even when deciding not to display it.

I can confirm I also don’t pass the test there with Mautic 4.4.11 and Amazon SES, having sent it as a real mail. Also mail-tester.com complains about missing List-Unsubscribe-Header.

The headers contain DKIM entries with “List-Unsubscribe-Post” and “List-Unsubscribe-Post:Feedback-ID”

Also an additional “List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click” outside DKIM.

A “Feedback-ID: …” has been added by Amazon SES too. Could be, that the headers added by mautic are interfering with headers added by Amazon SES?

However - in a different instance, also with Amazon SES and Mautic 4.4.11 I found no issues :smiley: … will need to identify the differences.

That’s ugly.

It essentially means that you and I don’t have RFC 8058 coverage on a vanilla Mautic installation at only 5 days to 01. February.

You, and I, and potentially hundreds of other Mautic users.

@dirk_s we had some other posts about this where the ESP was injecting headers, (I think it was Postmark, maybe) and the user had to request them to turn it off, because Mautic is taking care of it.

Maybe that’s the case with Amazon?

Might be worth digging into the docs here, perhaps that could give you a lead to figure out where the extra headers are coming from?

For me all check passing…

Went down the rabbit hole, and all is fine now for me. It all broke down to the DKIM configuration where the two fields List-Unsubscribe and List-Unsubscribe-Post weren’t included in the signature.

aboutmy.email still complains about a missing List-Id header, but that seems to be an optional header in the RFC, at least for the moment, so everything passes nonetheless.

Both headers: List-Unsubscribe-Post and List-Unsubscribe should be outside the DKIM-Signature header.

Are you using Amazon SES - API or Amazon SES - SMTP?

Check if the problem occurs when sending the template email through the campaign or only in the email to segment. This may be related to some header processing in the Amazon SES transport.

Hi, this docs is not related to this topic. It’s only related to storing contact lists on AWS and consuming them with AWS without Mautic.