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Updating from 2.15.3 to 2.16.3

I just went through a nightmare of an upgrade from an old mautic instance 2.15.3 to 2.16.3 and came accross a number of problems along the way that maybe helpful to someone some day.

So as follows:

  1. Started upgrade via GUI - it just hung

  2. Went for command line upgrade and received this error:
    Compile Error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘PHPEXCEL_ROOTPHPExcel/Shared/PCLZip/pclzip.lib.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’)

  3. Found this article to fix the error:

  4. Re ran upgrade and ran into this error
    Attempted to load class “ZipArchive” from the global namespace.
    Did you forget a “use” statement for “PHPExcel_Shared_ZipArchive”?

  5. Followed this tutorial:

Alas - still did not help, and the dreaded site offline was still there.

Then found that I needed to install php-zip which I did and then everything ran well!!

Hope this helps.