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Upgrade to 2.13.1 fails

I am running self-hosted Mautic 2.12.1 and attempted to upgrade to 2.13.1 today and it failed due to database migration issues. This was my first upgrade experience and I’ve documented the issue in Github as I’ve now reverted back to 2.12.1 from a backup.
Update from 2.12.1 to 2.13.1 fails #6134

I’m fairly new to Mautic and I’m preparing to put into a production environment so thought I’d try the upgrade process. It doesn’t give me a warm feeling as you can imagine; has anyone else run into this?

So I figured out the cause in case anyone else runs into this. It is something to do with the way 2.12.1 came configured from the Softaculous install. I installed 2.12.1 manually and the upgrade to 2.13.1 performed without a hitch using the in-app upgrade method.

The manual install was very easy and I’d recommend it over Softaculous in any case. I initially went this route because I read that it simplified the install process when I was first learning about Mautic. It turned out to cause problems instead and doesn’t save any effort. Go figure.

still you not resloved ?

It’s resolved now.

@Alberto Good To know , Thanks

Hey! I’ve just published “Mautic Update How-To” on with step by step instructions to upgrade Mautic:
Hope it helps…