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Use of multiple languages in campaigns

I’d guess in a campaign when watching the visit of a page, I should only select the main version of the landing page. However, it allows me to select each language version. Looks like I need to add all of them.

However - Mautic knows pages that belong together based on “is a translation of”. Shouldn’t the campaign allow to select the page as a goal, without me needing to add all language versions to that condition?

It would be logical, but that feature doesn’t exist. Some marketers use visits on different pages to identify preferred language assuming if someone visits the German version, then they want to communicate in German.
Some of us solve this the following way:
If the landing page is then you can filter for landing_ visits. This way landing_de.php is also included.

Please note, that ‘contains’ and ‘ends with’ has a bigger impact on the database pricessing , try to use ‘starts with’.

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Hey @joeyk thanks for responding. Actually I’m using the “preferred local” custom field. I write this as a hidden field in the english and the german form. Thus the mails will be send either in german or in english, depending on this field. Thats already supported by Mautic.

its just a bit unlogic, that the campaign action allows me to select the different language versions, as I would expect to only select the page itself, regardless of language version.

I understand, but what if I want to check for the specific version only? It is possible now. If the language versions are handled as one, then it would ‘t be possible.

True, than there could a the language specific versions and a generic one.
Its working for sending the mail - when selecting the parent version (e.g. EN) its sending the correct version depending on the users preferred local.

From the UX perspective, it should be same behaviour. I guess it would be: Sending automatically correct langue version or picking a specific one. Also for checking for landing page: Checking for visit of any language version or a specific one.