V3.0.1>local.php>paths showing odd chars

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.0.1
My PHP version is: 7.3

Your problem
My problem is:
I recently changed the ownership of the mautic install on my runcloud/linode box. The move broke the install obviously and in my troubleshooting. I discovered the initial install created paths in the local.php file that didn’t make much sense. After I corrected them the install started working again.

mailer_spool_path, cache_path, log_path and tmp_path

All of these vars had a paths below


I corrected the “app/…/” for each of the paths so that “/Mautic/var/” was entered. Once I did this it started working again.

Not sure if this is a bug in the initial install. if it is then I can write up a bug report.

I just did a clean install of 3.0.1 and confirmed that during initial install these are the paths that are created by the install script.

I would like to add that for simplicity’s sake, would it not be prudent to reduce the redundant path entries and utilize a global path var that can be configured once and used for these kinds of situations?

Moving to the M3 support category and pinging @dennisameling regarding the directory paths :wink:

@aglyons What you’re seeing is expected behavior. Example from my local installation:

Here you can see it in Mautic’s code:

Actually, with the recent release of Mautic 3, we upgraded to Symfony 3.4, which has a new variable called %kernel.project_dir%. So we could actually change the defaults from e.g.

It’s weird that it wasn’t working for you out of the box, I haven’t seen the issue before. Just tried a clean install locally and I can’t seem to reproduce the issue. If you do yet another clean installation, does it actually work as expected for you? I’m just trying to understand whether this might be due to the environment (Linode) or a local permissions issue (for example) on the server.

So I’ve done two installs with 3.0.1 and both times the paths had that /app/…/var issue. From what you’ve written, as I understand it, you’ve confirmed that this is wonky. Looking at your screenshots it is showing the exact same behaviour. Which is wrong.

app and var are at the same level in folder hierarchy. There is no need to go into /app/ and then go up a folder level to go into /var/

Are you requesting I do a third fresh install?