Verify email addresses, good idea to use Mautic or should other method be used?

Hi the Mautic community

We’re thinking about verifying our users emails addresses. Is it a good idea to use Mautic’s page hit functionality for this or do you recommend using some other method (within Mautic or do it another way altogether)?


The process usually goes like this. A user signs up for a service and an email is sent to her email containing a link that she must visit for her email to be verified. This is done so the site in question knows that the email provided is legitimate

I would go for a verification service. I use pretty well priced and on their “high” results I get close to zero bounce’s

Thank you @mikew. I’ll look into it

Yes page hit is the natural way to do it but depending on how you do it you might have issue or not.

Don’t waste your time trying to pay external emails to verify list in which most will charge you to use, if a user is interested in your content and what you have to offer and can’t take time to verify their email address by clicking on link in your email they are probably not the kind of people you want.

If people open their emails and click links in it increases your domain email reputation and having future emails landing in inbox and also you get assurance you have engaged audience. No email verification service can do this for you they are only useful for scrapped lists.

But from experience page hit fails some time and user does not get moved into the next segment.
So if your other campaigns require email verification to move others into next campaign you might want to make sure page hit doesn’t fail in your installation or use other points that does not fail like when a user visit page they get a tag and people with that tag can be moved into next segment of verified users to be used for other campaigns.

Thank you for the insights. The part about our domain reputation improving if people are opening and clicking links in our emails is so true. It’s easily foreseen though!

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