Video Event based automation

Hi Folks,
Since Mautic 2.9 we can save video events pretty nicely, but I don’t understand if there is a possibility for next step in the automation.

Using this script:

[mautic type="video" form-id="1" gate-time="15" src="" width="640" height="320"]

I can easily create a tarcked video link. It is tracked in the campaign events as follows:

But how can I use it in the next step?
How could I filter in a segment? (There is no filter ‘video’ or ‘view’)
How can I use it in a campaign (There is no Condition or Decision associated)

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Update: I realised that it’s possible to create a video view report.
But that’s it.

If someone knows any way to build it automations, please let me know.

Following! i think this is important so we can build segments to continue with the engagement according a % viewed of the video. If someone knows how to track % of video viewed and trigger and action please!

Any update on this? is it still not possible to use video views in automations/segments?