What about `ma_campaign_lead_event_log.date_triggered` as ISO to microseconds?

I see that ma_campaign_lead_event_log.date_triggeredhas this format:

2022-11-13 23:25:03

I suggest to move to


so multiple “near-by” events will be properly sorted in order when displayed in the contact page.

Is any core-team developer seeing this as viable? I’m ready to help coding if needed and do a PR.

But I don’t want to devote time if it will not be merged.

I think you should suggest it in the #dev channel in slack. I don’t think this is a bad idea, but have to think if it breaks reverse compatibility of the API.

Thanks, Joey. Didn’t know there’s a slack channel to get in touch with the devs.

Will try to join.

There’s a simple way to do not break API compat:

  • In the API do not change the field, just add another field. The if one field is whateverDate the new field could be whateverDateIsoUtcMicro so any old client won’t break. Both fields answered.
  • Any stored “old” value will be converted to .000000Z microseconds in the new field.
  • Any stored “new” value will be rounded to seconds in the old field.
  • The old field is marked deprecated and maintaned there until a major version is published.

Yeah I see your point.
I would also want to see the event in the right order.
I hope you can push it through.

Cannot join Slack. Something broken in the mautic website.

After entering my email address in the invite box and click, it says:

I wrote about it on slack, let’s hope someone can see it.

Thanks, Joey!