What does Mautic do upon Installation?

Upon installation, does Mautic do anything else except:

  • creating cache
  • create and populate local.php
  • populate the DB

Does anyone know this?

Database + files
Cache can be created after install.
Your question originates from the idea of moving or multiplying the instances?

Hey joey,

I’ve been moving multiple instances around from server to server as well as domains and I needed to make sure that there wasn’t something I didn’t catch … As far as I’ve seen this was it - just needed to be sure.


When you move a Mautic instance you can experience issues with the followings:

  • php environment not the same (need to install proper extensions)
  • different ports are blocked (some servers blocking 25/587 etc)
  • ssl certificate (you need to generate new one, or copy)
  • different mysql version causes problems (good luck)

Also make sure you move media and templates folders as well, as they might contain user generated content.

Thanks for the info. Thankfully, they are my own instances, instead of for clients, so I’m able to keep the environment identical.

It’s funny you mention mysql. I’ve seen many errors as a result of a minor mysql version differences, resulting in really uncomfortable errors which made updating a pain.