How Do I Move A Mautic Installation From One Domain To Another

I want to know the easiest way to move mautic installation from domains of different hosting
Eg Domain A and hosting A
Now i have Domain B on Hosting B
How do i move my mautic from Domain A On hosting A to Domain B on hosting B

This solution worked for me with ease
Download The Backup of the installation using Softaculous backup or add a backup ftp back location to get it to the new domain and hosting with no need to download

You can upload the tar.gz file of your backup to your installation path via File Manager and untar the same.

Now read the config file of your installation and find the database details. Once you have the database details create the database and database user and assign the database user to the database. You can do this step from your control panel.

After this you need to access phpMyAdmin from your control panel and import the softsql.sql file (which must be created after backup file untar) and once the database is imported you will need to delete the softsql.sql file.

  1. DL the data base from the source host
  2. Zip and dl the mautic files from the source host
  3. Create new db on new server - use the same password and user as original
  4. Create sub domain on new host
  5. Upload files to sub domain and extract
  6. Import sql files to new db
  7. Open local.php and make sure DB credentials are correct, especially user name
  8. Scan local.php and correct all urls to path of new mautic installation, save the file
  9. Delete cache folder if it exists
  10. Run update script (as if you were upgrading mastic versions)
  11. Launch mautic at new domain
  12. Configure crons

Nice thanks
But the issue with this is that it will not show in softaculous which i want it to show for automated feature update when mautic update button doesn’t break anymore.
I found another fix which was using softaculous inbuilt feature it does the magic all you need is the ftp details and correct installation path from former host and the rest are done by softaculous

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Many thanks Robm,this is a good guide

login screen is visible but after that on Dashboard, getting 500 Internal Server Error page.
My previous mautic version was 2.16 and new is 3.2. Could that be an issue?
Can we only switch from similar versions?

Hi, like we mentioned on the other threads - you need to keep your DB versions aligned.

ok. thanks a lot @joeyk .
will try to update