What is the general state of Mautic

Hi there.
I’ve experimented with Mautic in the past (maybe three years ago), but found it a bit to buggy/lacking in user friendliness to be a compelling option.

That being said, I’ve never given up - just bided my time.

So - here are my questions:

  1. What is the state of integrations into industry ‘standard’ CRMs. Specifically MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and Zoho

  2. What is the state of base functionality. If I want to integrate to a CRM, build some lovely responsive email and landing page templates, do lead scoring, create campaigns, generate audiences for ad networks etc. can I genuinely get stuck in and do just that?

I realise those questions are somewhat open ended, but I’m hoping to get a sense of what is possible currently in Mautic.


Hi Jo,

Sorry for the delay in replying, things are a little hectic at the moment because there is an awful lot happening in the community with the Mautic 4 beta sprint this weekend and the Mautic Conference Global sprint on Friday!

Great to have you back after 4 years! Welcome back! :wave:

In answer to your questions:

There are integrations which are being used by folk in the community. I am not sure what your question is, specifically, when you ask what the state is?

We have bug fixes and features in the pipeline but the biggest challenge we face is that many require an account to test and we may not have folk in the community who have access. We always welcome folk to help us with testing if you work with these integrations! Likewise for the documentation - it is probably out of date in some areas but it is super easy to help us update them, each page has a button at the bottom of the page on https://docs.mautic.org.

Absolutely. With the new email builder we have in beta it is even easier to make really awesome looking email and landing pages. This will be the default builder in the upcoming 4.0 release (end of May) - at the moment the builder is in beta and you can test it by going to plugins and enabling the GrapesJS plugin. Docs are here: Email & Landing Page Builder | Mautic

If there is anything else specific that you would like to know just let us know!

@JoPitts What I’m finding is that the Integromat api tool is a great way to connect Mautic, and other things to a whole host of things.

Very similar to Zapier but I find more robust and more active with new connectors.

Right now I have my WordPress/Woo order system attached to Mautic, Facebook, my own Postgres middleware layer, Zoho Books, email notifications, SuiteCRM and Google Contacts/Google My Business in a single workflow. I also have my campaign landing page in Mautic, but push the meeting request to 10to8, and also create accounts in my accounting system, etc all in a single work flow, and will be integrating Zoom soon as well.

Integromat also connects to many mass mail tools that have more user friendly builders, but I’ve not gone that route yet with the hope that the updates to the builders that are coming address current usability of email and landing page builders so I’m not maintaining another tool.

My hope is that the Mautic community really focuses on a robust and well documented api that can be leveraged by using other tools that are working purely on connectivity between applications. There are some really great ways to use Mautic to provide a very slick pre and post sales tool that works with the entire enterprise thru apis and middleware like Integromat.

My two cents…

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@JoPitts I also use Integromat for various integrations. Answering your question: you can synch facebook audiences with segments. Super easy. I added n8n to our tech stack recently, which integrates with 200 different tools out of the box, including Mautic.

@joeyk I think it was one of your posts that keyed me into Integromat. Thanks for that!

Hi @JoPitts – we use the salesforce integration regularly in our v2.16.5 Mautic and particularly use it for lead nurturing sequences and Salesforce Campaign driven communications. It’s not quite plug-and-play installation, but pretty close and my experience has been that it’s very reliable once up and running.

@rcheesley – you mentioned people to test integrations. Happy to do so for Salesforce. We’ve hit one or two snags with upgrading to v3 releases and Salesforce integration, but we have plenty of access to Salesforce test and production-style environments to help. DM me if we can contribute in any way.


@matthewday that would be awesome - please do join #mautic-4 and #t-product on Slack (https://mautic.org/slack for an invite) - Pull requests · mautic/mautic · GitHub here are the open PRs that mention Salesforce, happy to walk through how to spin up test instances if you need assistance with that!