What table contains website tracking hits

I am trying to set up website tracking using javascript tracking. When I brows the page, I can see in the browsers network log that my Mautic instance being called. But I don’t see any activity in the Mautic dashboard.

What table are website tacking hit written to in the database?


Where you paste the code and what code you exactly paste ?

I used the JavaScript copied from Configurations> Tracking Settings.

I finally got it working on our production environment and found that it writes the page-hit to the page_hits database table.

But why wouldn’t it work in my dev environment?

where you paste… that script ?

Just before the </body> tag in the page.

Hey Bill, any tips on how you got it working?

I’ve also included the script you referenced in my sites (Joomla based) template page, just before the closing body tag… nothing appears to be happening in my Mautic Dashboard when I visit the page, I have a Page views/visits dashlet. Would this have anything to do with the presence of the mtracking.gif file? I’ve seen it referenced a number of times, however, can’t find it in my Mautic instance. I’ve tried installing the Joomla Mautic plugin but that appears to be broken as well…

Any assistance gratefully accepted

Hey, just noted in my console that the script is being blocked, mixed content non https site (Mautic) to https site, will see what happens when I fix that probelm

I was not able to get it working on my dev server; only on production.

Marty, I had the same problem. My website hat HTTPS but my Mautic ran under HTTP without SSL. The tracking script was getting blocked due to “mixed content”. After I shifted my Mautic instance to HTTPS, it - again - went fine.

I wish that were the case. Both Mautic and my site are using HTTPS.