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When I add an "Unsubscribe Feedback Form" to an email, how to pick up the email by default? (I don't want the user to fill the email again))

While creating a segment, I created and selected an Unsubscribe Feedback Form, In the form there is only 1 field, reason for Unsubscribing.
When a user fill out the form, the custom field is not getting populated.
It only gets populated if I add 1 more field of email and the user has to fill the email as well.
Only then does the customfield update.
But it is not good to get the user fill the email again.
Is there any way i can fill the email by default and not show it to the user to fill?

Want something of this sort -

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 12.53.32 PM

the email is prefetched and the user just have to select reason for unsubscribe.

you can use this setting in the field, that you want to show (probably Email)


Regarding reason, it is more complicated, I have a video tutorial on this. It’s called double opt-out.


beautiful video, I just wanted to ask that if I don’t want to create a landing page and directly want to use
unsubscribe feedback form, so pre-fetching won’t be possible there?

I never had time to play around with that feature. No idea how it works, but I added to my list.

Thanks a lot for that.
One last question, If I use campaign as mentioned in your video, it will simply add “Do not contact” to the user, but it won’t increase the email statistics in channel, right?

Something of this sort…