Which is the right time zone for the host and the PHP Configuration?

Hi guys, I saw the recommended timezone is UTC so Mautic can then decide times for individual contacts based on their local time.

However this warning appears on new installs: “The date.timezone setting is not set in your PHP configuration. Mautic has set the default timezone to ‘UTC’ but we suggest setting this in your PHP configuration.”

Which is the correct way of defining time zone for both the host and PHP?

I was wondering about that also in every installation. Even though I changed the timezone in php.ini it shows the same warning during installation.
Any ideas?

Hi @alexhammer I’d recommend you take a quick look at your System Info and see which php.ini file is actually being loaded.

Take a look at this thread I posted on another topic: Asset size wont' change

Sometimes, it might be that you’ve set the value in a php.ini which is not actually being loaded by Mautic (it has caught me out so many times!)

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Thank you for the quick response! I’ll check it out!