Why are my email stats are wrong?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.2
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: 5.7.36-nmm1-log; Doctrine driver; pdo_mysql

Your problem
My problem is: My email stats seem to be off. For the same email I get different stats, depending on the view/chart I’m looking at.

Let’s take one email as example:

This is email is a template email and is part of a long term nurturing campaign. The campaign started in January, and the emails were sent for the first time on Feb 11th.


In the dashboard > channels > emails list view the stats are:

  • 52 sent
  • 30 read


My assumption is, that these numbers are correct. I had an open rate of ~50% when I used my old ESP, so it sounds reasonable. The sent number also matches the members of this segment. Therefore, I guess these numbers are correct.

Deliverability stats

If I click on the email the, detailed stats look like this:

  • Week 6: 1 email sent | 2(sic!) emails read
  • Week 7: 0 email sent | 2(sic!) emails read
  • Week 47: 1 unsubscribe

I guess, these stats are totally wrong.

Device stats

The device stats are a bit better, but different numbers, too:

  • desktop: 35
  • smartphone: 6
  • unknown: 4

That makes 45 in total. For 30 emails read? (Or for 4 read?—who knows? :wink: )


  • Why is Mautic reporting these numbers so differently?
  • Why is the send/read/bounce chart obviously wrong?
  • Why is there one unsubscribe in week 47? I started using mautic in December, but used it productive in late January. Therefore, there can’t be data for week 47…
  • Most importantly: How do I fix it?
  • Are there any cron jobs for reporting I need to configure?