WP Mautic: Having problems trying to make it work

Mautic Version

4.4.x series

PHP version


Wordpress site: https://study.com

Mautic’s URL: https://info.site.online

  1. I’ve installed WP Mautic on my wordpress site.
  2. Added https://info.site.online to WP Mautic settings.
  3. Ctrl+U shows the tracking code is there.
  4. CORS settings:
    -restrict domains yes

Unfortunately shortcodes do not seem to work and I don’t understand where I’m supposed to see the results of tracking…

Did I miss anything? How can I troubleshoot it?

Thank you

U need to test in an incognito browser.

If you are logged into mautic and testing for tracking in the same browser session as a logged in mautic tab then no tracking will show.

Also toggle the anonymous button in contacts to see if you are getting anonymous IP’s population. If so then all is working, assuming you have site traffic.

This is one of the Stranger Things in Mautic. (Nr.1.)

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