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My Mautic version is: 2.16.2
My PHP version is: 7.2

Your problem
My problem is:
I was wondering if anyone has had experience using the plugin. I have followed the directions, enabled the plugin on Wordpress site, configured everything on mautic side. Checked that the code is actually on the WP pages.

  1. I am not seeing any anonymous users come in.
  2. I am trying to test implementing a form with the shortcode, but get no results [mautic type=“form” id=“8”]

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

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Here’s a few things to check: (you’ve not really shared enough info to troubleshoot this).

  1. In Mautic, did you enter the site URL in the CORS setting?
  2. Is both your wordpress site and Mautic site using https:// - if not take care of that first and update CORS.

let us know

Hi @imrodmartin

Thanks for the reply.

To answer the questions:

So my site is updated there.

  1. Both site and mautic are using SSL https://

I am not that familiar with Wordpress (most of my web stuff was done previously with Drupal).

I created a new page and did a number of tests:

  1. Just added the shortcode to the text area.
  2. Tried to add shortcode “widget” or section (not sure what it is called)
    added to that the shortcode.

Tried to add in the Via iframe code generated from the form itself into text area and code area. both with just // and with https://

And yet nothing is rendering. Are there any logs on the servers I can look for or any other way for me to debug this

I have a feeling I am doing something wrong when creating a new page…

I went and created a new page and used the DIVI builder. When I added in code section with the Manual Code the form worked fine. However I tried to add in the shortcode to a text area and code are, and nothing is being rendered.

I’m wondering if Divi is stripping it out. If the manual code works - I’d stick with that. I’m not much of a WP guy either lol

Yeah that worked. I also managed to get the iframe working as well.

I noticed that in Wordpress after you make an install, even though you install SSL, you still need to go to Settings->General and update the Wordpress url to include https:

Appreciate the help thus far.

he he yep… pretty much all CMS’ are like that (even Drupal).

glad you got it going!

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