2.16.1 Error

2.16.1 Update broke the CRM
The process stucked in “clearing the cache…”

I had to restore the backup

Hi @abracadabra.photogra, could you explain what you mean by ‘broke the CRM’? Which CRM?

If you mean Mautic, did you do the update at the command line?

Yes Mautic.

I updated trough the notify in the mautic dashboard

In the future, this resource will be helpful: https://docs.mautic.org/en/troubleshooting/update-failed

Please update at command line until we are able to build into Mautic sufficient checks which prevent updating on under-resourced hosting environments.

If you want to look into raising your limits this might be useful: https://docs.mautic.org/en/troubleshooting/file-ownership-and-permissions which is probably what caused your error (lack of resources causing the cache clearing step to fail, and hence the errors you were seeing).

Thanks I will take a look!

I don’t have SSH access in my shared server. Which resources do I need to run the update?
I increased php execution time and upload_max_filesize but it’s stuck again…

Anyone experienced this issue?


For the two instances I have updated, after a while I had to update the schema via url and then it worked

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If you don’t have SSH access you can follow the steps here:

Yes I’ve already tried with the commands.php script.

The problem is that I always get a 403 error when trying to access the script.
I can’t figure out how to run it, it seems that I don’t have the permission to access it. And the file permission are set to 777

It would be well worth the money (digital ocean etc) to get a VPS which you have SSH access too. You really want access to clearing the cache through the command line, reviewing the spool directory (as well as count for status), and better control of your db and mautic_data files. I have a pretty solid docker-compose and set of bash scripts to handle a lot of tasks that occur - including cleaning up tags, updating pushover with queue status, and custom themes which I could spend a minute cleaning up and putting on Github.