Dashboard error after updating to 4.3.1

I have similar issue,

I updated to 4.3.1. and now the dashboad is unaccesible and got this page:

All URL gives back the same message. I have removed cache and still keeps the same. No error logs on …var/logs

Hi folks,

Have you tried with a lower version of MySQL? I am not sure we have fully tested with MySQL 8 yet.

It was running previous to the update, so i haven´t change MySQL version, ¿Do you think i have to double check it?

OK could you walk through exactly how you performed the update please?

Also if you are seeing that error there should be log files - please check var/logs

I updated through CLI as manual says:

And there are not error logs.

MySQL version in Shared server is 10.3.27.

OK please then check your server logs if nothing is getting caught in the Mautic logs - something should be captured somewhere - perhaps you can ask your hosting provider for help. Really shared hosting is not ideal for Mautic to be honest, it does lead to no end of problems :frowning:

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Thank you, I am checking logs with the server service support.

I would like Mautic to be more reliable and robust. right now I find it difficult to offer it on the market. situations like this leave me very discouraged, and even worried.

If you are wanting to use Mautic professionally, do not use it on shared hosting. Please use a virtual private server or dedicated server.

There are many guides and tutorials on how to do this and pretty much any Mautic professional will give you the same advice.

If you can’t set it up yourself you can also consider to partner with an organisation who will take care of all of that for you.

Shared hosting is almost always too restrictive, and will cause all kinds of problems as you grow and scale.

Once we have a better idea of the specific error causing this problem we will be able to help with troubleshooting the resolution, hope that the hosting provider can assist!

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I don’t use it professionally yet, that’s why I test it on shared hosting. I would need more confidence as I have with reliable software robust and easy to make updates and backups as I have with WordPress for example.

Thank you

This is the error I have:

[STDERR] Error: Class ‘Symfony\Component\Cache\DependencyInjection\CachePoolPass’ not found - in file /…/vendor/symfony/framework-bundle/FrameworkBundle.php - at line 144

I have removed the cache, but still keeps the same

Thank you very much

Did you delete cache folder itself? Or the contents inside the cache folder?

OK, and how did you update? m:u:f and then m:u:a at the command line?

Did it go through successfully without any errors?

At this stage I would revert to your pre-update backup and then go through this process in a development environment matching your live one, step by step. That way you can figure out exactly what is going on.

I deleted the folder that is inside /cache folder. Named “prod” which is the unique content I found

Thank you!

The first step I checked if there were any updates available:

php bin/console mautic:update:find

I had the last version available 4.3.1

Then I run the following command:

php bin/console mautic:update:apply

Thank you very much

I have read that could be something related to permissions and that Mautic cannot write on cache or something like that. Have someone an idea on how to fix the permissions issue on Mautic?

Are you using virtual host or something like cPanel to host Mautic?

On this project I use just a Cpanel

Cool …

Make sure the cache folder owner is (cPanel username) and folder permission is 755.

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Great! this looks like a solution and makes sense… I am going to double check that.

Thank you techbill !!!

Unfortunatelly I can confirm that cache folder has 755 permissions and is owned by cPanel user