3 separate businesses - pros and cons of various Mautic installation configurations

I have three unrelated seaparate buisnesses - I am starting anew with Mautic 3.0.1 and no history.

I would rather avoid the work, cost and support of running three instances of Mautic but I am getting the feeling that this is the best way to go? I want a clean isolation between all businesses.

What is the current status? I saw a post from 2016 recommending spearate Mautic installations - BUT has anything changed with Mautic 3 release? Is there any new (agency type) featuers coming in M3 that I/community should be aware of?

What is communities advice on this topic? Are there any “Mautic Architecture Deployment” guides/documentation/white-papers?


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here is an article written by @Yosu_Cadilla that could give you some direction (I am not updated as to M3): https://mauteam.org/mautic/mautic-for-the-c-suite/

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hello @mikew thanks for that! I already saw those - they are only really useful if you have already decided the way to go - ie. you are an agency.

I am somewhere betweek - I have three separate distinct businesses that could use this - but unlike an agency I will not deploy 20, 30 or even hundreds of instances…(but who kknows eh!!!)

so again - the question remains - one Mautic instance shared between three sites, or a separate Mautic install (ie three) per business?

hey, depends on your needs. Will you be using tracking or just taking care of client communication via email, focus items ?

If so you could go with 1 install, create seperate roles and users and segment without mixing.


I did not yet test with Mautic 3. But basically if you want separate statistics, separate unsubsribe URLs and preference centers etc, you are better off with separate instances. I am sharing the same instance, if I am having an overlapping audience, and want to send the same message to different audiences at the same time. Otherwise separation makes more sense.

But yes, I wish there would be a few features like:
-different profile instances within the same Mautic installation
-the possibility to monitor several email addresses
-more granular statistics to keep different websites apart


IMO it is very simple. I have a lot of clients who ask exactly this question and it is possible to have them in a single Mautic installation. BUT it is very data/campaign/segment sensitive and needs much caution.

Most clients switch to seperate instances after making severe mistakes with their lists. i.e. sending a newsletter to 10000 Contacts from the other business.

You have to deal with segments and users to keep it in the right order. If your audiences overlap it is necessary to test in every campaign if the contact-user is the right one to make sure the correct signature gets sent and so on.

If you want to make it simple run a seperate instance for each of your projects.

If you have, let’s say a handful of businesses, you will probably be fine just installing Mautic 5 times, if you plan on incorportaing a handful of businesses each month, then you might need something more efficient. Here’s my take on how you can do exactly that: