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Add support for relational tables

Hi All,

It would be really cool if Mautic could support the concept of relational tables. Basically, a relational table is a table that holds data that is related to a contact, in a one-to-many relationship. For example, a relational table can hold all the history of online purchases for a single contact. A user will be able to create and delete such tables through the UI, and connect the data to the contacts by a key of his choosing.

Altough this concept would probably require much more CPU resources from mautic, it will take Mautic’s capabilities in segmentation, personalization and analysis to a whole new level along with making it more releveant for B2C applications.

I think this should be done using tags and a bit of scripting on the e-commerce side.

The result would be, otherwise, a duplication of data that is useless.

Taking your e-commerce example, this table should hold products data along with orders, then relate with the contacts: what if a product is deleted on the e-commerce?
Or an order is withdrawn?

Maintain the two systems in synch will be very very hard.

With a tag, instead, you have complete freedom to add tags related to a category, a product type, a promotion, and add and remove them without any issue regarding the synch.