Add tag management to preference center

My idea is: Add tag management to preference center

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: Those with more than one newsletter segments and use tags to subscribe or unsubscribe contacts to each newsletters segment.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: I believe it easier to maintain newsletters segemetn separately using tags.

Any code or resources to support this idea: None that I know of.

Are you willing to work on this idea?: Willing to work with developer to make it possible and do beta testing. I administrates two different host servers in USA.

What skills and resources do you need to explore this further? A developer who can add tag management to preference center and treat it the same as segment or category.

So how would you decide which tags to let the contacts choose? I use tag for inactive people. Does it mean that anyone can choose it?

Why don’t you just use custom fields? If you happened to use tags until now - a quick workflow can change it.

I started using tags under your advice about 2 month ago to maintain my subscribers on different newsletters segment.

You discourage me to add members to segment but instead to use tag and set up newsletter segment with filter for each newsletter.

I listened and I am following your advice on using tags instead of segment for each contacts.

I thought maybe like segment that there could be a “available in preference center setting” toggle in the tag’s property as well too.

If someone asks me:
Should I use tags or segments to manage my newsletter subscribers, I would answer: tags, no doubt.

For me different newsletter segment means something else as various newsletter segment. If you have 1 segment / subscriber then the built in dnc is just fine.

But if you have multi-topic newsletters where you need custom unsubscribe solution (it’s a more advanced thing where you need out of the box thinking) then using custom fields makes things easier.
But of course - there are many ways to do the same thing. You can stay with tags too, and use a radio box or checkbox to manage tags with campaigns. You can also just link a custom unsubscribe page for each topic, and remove the tag via the tracking script once aomeone visits the unsub page. Boom, you dont even need a pref center.

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