Can campaign be set up to export and send via email?

I thought I would ask here first before looking into it further.

We want to export a segment into an excel file and have it email to our printer and publisher monthly so they can print and mail out our free monthly magazine to whoever signed up for it automatically.

Can this be done automatically via campaign each month?

@joeyk How that video on using tags to maintain contact’s preference center coming along? :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me with this one or just not possible without some kind of mod or plugin?


I need to clarify something:
So you want to list members of a segment who were added last month?
OR you want to list all current members of the segment?

Your tag/pref center question: we are using a version of that in production, there will be a tutorial :slight_smile:

Current member of the segment

You can create a segment membership report, and schedule to be sent first day of the month.

Thank you @joeyk !

I will look into this and see if it something that will work for us!

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