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My Mautic version is: Hopefully 5 soon
My PHP version is: 8


we’re currently working to build a community and we’re cold outreaching to people in this space.
So far, we’ve send around 2k emails, ca 20 - 80 per day with 0,1% wrong & unhappy people - the rest seems to be fine - happy.
We’re using Thunderbird with templates but no big automation there (so a lot of manual work).

Now I was hoping to automate the outreach process but then I read this:
Mautic lands in promotions or spam folders, seems to be impossible to tweak, any idea? - #4 by joeyk?
Mautic is setting a bulk email flag and we might not inbox as much as we do now?

Is Mautic for this specific use case the wrong approach then?
And if so, (not a Mautic topic anymore, but I’d be glad about your thoughts) what would you suggest? Continue Thunderbird or look into a CRM and partly automate the outreach process? (pre-check whether email is correct, set a ‘correct’-flag and this triggers the outreach email?

Short answer, use the right tools and methods to suit the purpose.

You are sending bulk email to a cold audience, ie marketing. Thunderbird is designed for 1 - 1 transactional emails. More importantly, what email (SMTP) server are you using? If it’s not a specialised bulk email server like Amazon SES or Sendgrid you will run into hassles soon.

Typically inboxing is initially better using transactional email tools like Thunderbird and the host your site is hosted with, to send email. But the spam police and big hosts like Gmail, yahoo etc will quickly catch on that you are bulk mailing and penalise and restrict you.

It’s a better long term strategy to use a tool like Mautic and a decent email sending company. Yes, your emails will be marked as marketing / bulk emails but it’s better to be honest for long term success. Bulk email needs to have unsub links etc. Without it your sending reputation will be quickly damaged.

Ultimately you should be sending good value mails to an opt in list. Cold outreach is always risky and there is a strong chance you will burn your sending domain eventually.

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Hmm … not sure.

So we’re adding some content for free and then telling people about it.
25% reply and are happy - with many, we start further communication, they’ll register and send us their content later on themselves. Ca 5% register directly.

I see us more as a publisher than a marketing company - but this case is on the edge.
Recipients haven’t asked for it, but get free publicity.
It’s not cold outreach like: buy now or how do you like it, it’s more like you’ve already been published and we’ve got a high ‘happyness rate’ :wink:
And we’re contacting them 1 by 1 since it’s about their individual publication (no bulk emails/bulk offers).

How will Google, Yahoo etc. find out about that? Only if our email is getting manually blacklisted?

We’re using our domain and shared hosting + shared hosting mail servers with no issues so far.

What do very active bloggers use which are asking for interviews, backlinks, etc. at scale?
Not the specific sofware - but what concepts? Even if I ask 5000 book authors for quotes and opions on their specific topic for a research or so, it’s still transactional or marketing? How about 500? 50? 5? (where is the limit? And in what timeframe. :wink: )

if you send 20-80 emails / day, your reputation won’t be affected.
Just make sure your bounce rate is under 5% and complaint under 0.5% in case you use Amazon SES.
Once you got many bounces, you can always make an extra send to your best openers / clickers and water down the bad stats.
In Mautic 5 the bulk precedence will disappear in case of Transactional emails.


Thank you very much for the insights. That helps.

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