Cold Email Possibilities

I am new here and just discovered Mautic after trying to research how I can create a niched software of MailChimp/MailerLite.

I am in the real estate business and have been experimenting with cold email outreach using Mergo and Gmail for the last 2 weeks. It started off good, but starting to have some issues with Gmail and suspecting my emails may now be going into spam. I came across Mautic and have found some conflicting info I need help verifying and understanding:

  1. Can you have unlimited contacts with Mautic?
  2. Can you send unlimited emails with absolutely no restrictions using Mautic?
  3. Mautic is just an email manager correct? Still need something like Postal to actually send the emails?
  4. A video I found showed using Hostinger as a web host that then allows you to send unlimited emails, is this really possible? Just connect an email domain and thats it?
  5. Since Mautic is open source, would this actually allow to create a new business that directly competes with MailChimp/Mailerlite? Creating a segmented mass email sender for newsletters and/or cold email outreach?

I am new to open source and cold email. Just would like to learn and understand exactly what Mautic is best used for and what’s possible

Yes, but the more contacts you have the higher a demand it puts on your hosting infrastructure - especially if you are sending a lot of emails, tracking a lot of links/pages etc. But Mautic itself does not limit you here.

Yes, but as above. Your infrastructure and your email service provider are the limitations. That’s down to you :slight_smile:

Yes, you can choose to use an email service provider (which most do) or you could run your own, but that requires extensive expertise in email deliverability, server management etc. Most folks go with an ESP.

Sure, but you have to factor in the deliverability factor. Send spammy emails, you’ll get blocked pretty fast and then you won’t be inboxing, so it’s pointless to send! So it’s your responsibility to maintain the quality, to ensure that you are able to keep sending high volumes. You have to warm up your IPs appropriately and take into account all the relevant requirements (DMARC, DKIM, SPF, etc).

Sure, there’s plenty of folks already making a business around Mautic and doing this very successfully. Consider, however, that if you want Mautic to continue to grow and thrive, it would be great to consider becoming a Member of Mautic.