Agency looking to set up 10 Mautic accounts

The opportunity is:

We are a lead generation agency that run Paid social and Google PPC campaigns. We have now moved on to running Email and SMS campaigns for our clients and want to use Mautic for this.

We are looking for a development partner to help us build this. we would like be the ability to be able to have one master account where we can control our client’s sub accounts.

It is based in:

United Kingdom

Remote OK?:



We are open for fixed scope freelance work or to pay by the hour. We would also be open to taking someone on a freelance basis. We currently have 10 accounts but are hoping to grow this to 50 by this time next year.

To find our more:

Hello there,

We just released the right solution for you, in you can use a single dashboard to create managed Mautic installations with one click, and you will be charged based on your usage.

Please visit Register - Steer Campaign, signup for a free account and then create a trial installation.

I would love to schedule a call with you to discuss your needs and demo how we can help your agency grow.

P.S: we are 4th larges contributor to Mautic, and a Mautic partner as well.

You can reach me on


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Hi there,

We would be super happy to collaborate with you. At Webmecanik we are the main community contributor for the last 6 years, hosting and managing (maintenance, support, etc) for about 600 accounts and having a partner program for about 50 resellers.

I’m be glad to discuss that with you. I sent you a private message.

Hi @leadlytom

As an official Mautic partner and one of the top contributors, I have been working with the platform every day for more than 5 years. Over the years, I have helped my customers with email automation setups, hosting, configurations, custom plugins and API connections to many platforms.

In addition, I’m the founder of and a LinkedIn Learning expert with my course on marketing automation.

Aivie is a Mautic SaaS and services provider from Switzerland; we’re your dynamic partner in marketing success. As an enthusiastic Mautic contributor since 2019, a Mautic project sponsor since 2020, and a driving force behind GrapesJS and other Mautic plugin developments, Aivie is at the forefront of shaping the future of Mautic. You can find more details on our partner page: Mautic Community Partner - Aivie - Mautic Community

With Aivie we offer various services around Mautic to our customers daily. They range from Mautic hosting, to Mautic support and Mautic training. We prefer to work long-term and partner with our customers. We are especially interested in working with startups.

I contributed to the GrapesJS email and landing page builder initiative, the Mautic Trello integration and various other code and community contributions. Please consult my GitHub profile for more information: adiux (Adrian Schimpf) · GitHub

I’m happy to talk to you about the details of this job in a personal interview.

Hi Pal

Thanks for your reply.

I’m interested to hear more. Can you give me an email on and copy in and we will try and arrange a call

Hi Adrian.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m interested to hear more. Can you give me an email on and copy in and we will try and arrange a call


I am interested, If the work is still open please get in touch with me via email or Skype.

Email -

Skype - cis.seth

I too should be able to help you out on this (if still open).
You can reach out to me on my email here