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Allow using the same point action multiple times per lead for multiple pages,etc

jjroelofs mentions (

" I would also like to be able to score leads based on how many pages they visited on the site and then it would make more sense to count all visits on* rather than making an event for ever page and page-revisit, which would be impossible on any sizeable website. +1 "

While I found where to make source code changes in order to override the “single trigger” philosophy per point action, it made me thinking. I wanted to create a point action saying “give +1 if user has visited the site after at least one hour”, with the idea that if for example he comes once per day, he will get one point per day. But if he comes back 5times the second day, will he take +5 (because all of the 5 visits within the second day will be “at least one hour after the first visit the first day”). So, it can get complicated.

I’d be very keen to score leads on the number of times they visit and/or number of pages they view per visit. If someone sits at their desk hitting F5 for an hour, I want that person to have 1000 points. :slight_smile: