Amazon SES and Out of Office Emails - looking for testers

Hello there,

This issue I’m experiencing is not so much related to Mautic but I’ve been kindly offered to share it with you here as it’s my belief that a lot of people are using Amazon SES as a way to send emails with their Mautic instance.

At the moment, every email I send using the SES SMTP process or even the SES Console within AWS’ interface makes it that if the recipient has an out of office message set up, it does not get forwarded back to me.

I’ve been conversing with Amazon Premium Support for the past 17 days and they’ve been really unhelpful until now so I figured I will try to find other SES’ users to test my theories.

Basically, I am looking for someone to send a test email to “gunxblast at gmail dot com”. This email address has a vacation auto responder set up with the subject line “I am out of office” and the text body “Please wait until I get back”.

What I’m looking to know is if you receive this vacation message when you send an email to this address from SES.

If you were so kind as to let me know if you would be willing to spare a bit of your free time to send this test, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading,