Amazon SES ban?

What would happen if you have 20000 emails from legit companies and you use that list on amazon ses? Will they ban you? I want to move to amazon ses for sending and I need to know what is your experience with this? It is clean list hand collected. It is not double optin list

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I think, you are asking some ‘grey’ advice here.
There are 3 points you need to understand:

1. Legal question:
Are you gonna get in trouble for sending cold emails to scraped lists? (Let’s be honest, ‘hand picked’ is the sugarcoated version of scraped. Its like spamming is called ‘cold outreach’ :slight_smile: . )
I think you already answered this question, so let’s move to 2.

2. Does Amazon Care what you send?
Yayn. They have their own procedures for detecting violations to their service. And with any other service, if you stay under radar, you can send anything you want.

‘Hand collected’ is still cold emails, and you not supposed to send email s to them. But of course many companies do. My experience is, that marketers fool themselves with thinking, their list is clean. Refuse to clean it one more time with a professional service, and get banned or ruin their domain reputation. In the worst cases their ‘hand collected’ list has many bounces.

Many bounces will flag you in no time, and it’s the fast lane to ban by any service, not just Amazon SES.
There are multiple things you should watch, I don’t wan to to go into this here.
It is a bit grey content, thatswhy I don’t want to go into details, but I wrote about how to not get banned on Amazon SES, and also another piece about finding out if Amazon SES is for you at all.

3. Send emails, like you are courting
A bad marketer would send out all 20k emails at once. Don’t be a bad marketer.
You need a pilot send to taste your list. Take 2000 emails (randomly, not the beginning of your list, when the scraper still tried to do a good job.)
Make your send and see where your metrics are. Bounce under 3-4%? Complaint under 0,1% ? Are you inboxing?

If it’s all good, you can send a 5k send next day.
Everything still fine? If yes, than you are mostly out of the woods. You have a 7k list, that didn’t set off any flags. Make a segment for openers and clickers.

Next day you can send out another 6k. If the metrics go bad (too many complaints or bounces), you can use your openers and clickers to delute your overall stats. A bad send, that causes 6% bounce rate can be fixed with an equivalent amount of good batch of 0% bounce rate = 3% bounce rate.
Next day you can send the rest of your emails, 7k. Always keep an eye on the KPIs.

Now you have a way better list than before, you understand who is bouncing, complaining, clicking and opening. If you send further offers, make sure you send to your clickers/openers first. This way the engagement will pull up the tail of your send and you inbox more likely.

Good luck.

great answer thank you
where will i see bounces? In mautic or in amazon ses?
and once they ban you you are done right, you cant use amazon anymore?

Instead of inserting someone else’s articles:

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“Amazon SES Account Under Review”
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