Amazon SES Templated Emails

Hi, everyone,

I received the following email text from Amazon Web Services regarding my Mautic unsubscribe link:

‘If you have a requirement to use a custom unsubscribe page with a custom unsubscribe link, then you can use SES Templated Emails to send the emails.’

For Mautic instructions on how to integrate the Mautic unsubscribe link with SES Templated Emails to send the emails, please refer to: Advanced email personalization - Amazon Simple Email Service


Hi @team,

I didn’t fully understand your question, but it’s crucial to consider things from the Mautic perspective rather than Amazon’s. Mautic is your platform, while Amazon serves as the email sender.

Mautic already has the unsubscribe link, and it’s vital to insert it into your emails. Documentation: Emails | Mautic

You just need to include the token in the footer of your email :grinning:

Best regards,