Anonymous Contact to Known User After Form Submit. Chrome/Safari don't work, Firefox works?


I am really hoping that someone can shed some light on this strange behaviour.

We have a client that is running all of their sites hosted on SiteGround, they are all Wordpress sites. We have gone ahead and installed wp-mautic plugin and when testing to see that anonymous users are converted to known users and being tracked it is just not working.

Now we have over 50+ other clients with Wordpress sites and everything is working like a dream… converting, tracking.

On these sites if I try in chrome or safari, it is not picking up the user, however if I do it in Firefox it converts the anonymous user to the known user and takes all the tracking history as well.

Anyone can shed some light, or point me how to debug. Maybe a plugin issue ?

Are you trying this incognito in Chrome? Worth checking in case you have any Chrome plugins which might be blocking something?

we have tried every variation possible.
incognito mode both chrome and safari
non-incognito mode both chrome and safari on new browsers without Mautic being logged in.

and I do not think it is a browser blocking issues as we are not seeing this behaviour on any other site.

Very frustrating :-(. So strange that Firefox works, I am guessing it might be a Wordpress plugin or something, but have no idea where or how to start looking

First thing, check for Wordfence? I see a lot of folks having issues with that plugin. Otherwise hopefully some WordPress gurus will chime in with some ideas!

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no word fence installed :frowning: