Anyone know why email are automatically unsubscribing members

Our members with email addresses automatically get unsubscribed by each time they received an email from Mautic.

We are not talking about Outlook client … but the email addresses itself.

Are you using a preference centre? Could it be that the mail scanner checks all links and hits an unsubscribe link which directly unsubscribes them? A preference centre might stop that as you have to interact with it to be removed. Worth a look, at least!

We’re not using preference center.

And it’s possible that your theory could be spot on. Thank you!

I am waiting on @joeyk to release his next video before building our preference center :slight_smile:

It’s not the unsubscribe link.

I completely edit out the unsubscribe link from template and I did another sent test.

The unsubscribe the contact again and there were no unsubscribe link anywhere in the email source.

I checked all setting to make sure I didn’t have anything that would automatically unsubscribe my email from listserv or email marketing and I did not find anything in the settings.

But …

We do have hundreds of subscribers with an email address that are receiving out weekly newsletter without being unsubscribed.

It’s several subscribers including one of my email that is being automatically unsubscribed as soon the email lands in the inbox.

That is a huge pressure on me :smiley:
On it…