Unsubscribe link in email - What does the lead unsubscribe from?

Imagine a company with 50.000 clients.

Imagine a client being able to be simultaneously in 5 to 10 funnels…


  • One funnel is the classical mailing list.
  • Another is a pre-webinar workflow for enrollment.
  • Another is a post-webinar follow-on to capture more data from the lead.
  • Then another couple of flows are just a couple of deals they are dealing now and the funnels are tracking if the client received the offer, etc.

If the lead clicks on “unsubscribe” in the mailing list… what is he unsubscribing from? Just “that” funnel? Or “all the funnels he is in”?

As far as I know he is marked as do not contact and no emails are sent, so essentially he is unsub’ed from everything, although he will stay in segments and campaigns, but there will be no emails sent out.

Setting up a preference center will let you have more granular control over what they unsub from.

This “Preference center” is managed from inside Mautic? Or externally?

inside mautic