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Auto fill show another lead information

Hello everyone,

My partner and I noticed the same issue: when both of us go to our form to fill it out, it shows data from a lead who talked to us today via email. When we do the same from incognito, it doesn’t happen. We were scared about it being showed to any visitor of our website. Anyone has a clue? Thanks!

What mautic verison ?

Is there any error in log ?

Are you cleared the cache ?

Thanks @bizcrony. My version is v2.11.0. I tried to update it, but I faced that trouble (moving packages… status undefined). So I gave up for a while.

I didn’t clear any cache. What me and my parter both did was to click on a link from the email my lead replied to me. This link was from a Mautic email I had added before. It was within the email history from his reply.

So we wonder if it could be the reason. Because we both clicked on that link and we both had the fields filled out with the Mautic data from that lead.

Sorry. About error in logs, nothing I could identify.

Go in settings/systeminfo/log

I have plenty of this kind of error:

[2018-02-05 17:50:39] mautic.NOTICE: PHP Notice - Undefined index: fax - in file /home/mautic/app/bundles/LeadBundle/Entity/CustomFieldRepositoryTrait.php - at line 311 [] []
[2018-02-05 17:50:39] mautic.NOTICE: PHP Notice - Undefined index: attribution_date - in file /home/mautic/app/bundles/LeadBundle/Entity/CustomFieldRepositoryTrait.php - at line 311 [] []

But I always had and I suppose it’s related to the setup of my contact data fields.

Do you have “Auto fill data” enabled in your form fields?

Yes I do. But the strange thing is that is showed me someone else’s data. It happened to me and to my partner. We saw a lead contact being auto filled for us. And I think it’s related to the fact that we both clicked on a link from a mautic email sent to this lead.

Anyway, maybe it’s a bug. But don’t worry guys. It’s not happening anymore since I tried to upgrade to the latest version (and couldn’t). I’ll try the next update when it’s available. If I can help with further doubts concerning this issue, I’m available.

Thanks a lot!

Yes, you are absolutely correct. Mautic tries to track you. If you click on a user-specific email link (they are uniquely masked per user) then Mautic thinks you are the one the email was sent to and then it pre-fills the forms with their data.

However, I think this will also happen in later Mautic versions as it is no bug but expected behaviour.

Peter, thank you very much for your explanation!

Is there a way to mark this topic as solved? Didn’t find it.