Automatically selecting a dropdown value on a form

Hey all,

Is there a quick way to set a select field on a form when calling it via the javascript “auto-include”?

I’m hoping I can do something like form/generate.js?id=8&dropdown_select_value=value_3 or similar?

Hi, did you try Default value?



Yeah, but that default value can change from page to page.

The form remains the same, but the value of the select box changes if that makes sense?

As an example, the form collects whether someone is interested in our Environmental monitoring, Broadband, WiFi, or something else.

On the Environmental page I want it to select “Environmental monitoring” as the default, but it should be “WiFi” on the page about our managed networks.

I don’t want four forms, because everything apart from this field is the same on all the pages

I don’t think this is possible out of the box, you’d need to add some javascript code.