Automation configuration

Hello everyone!!

I need to make a rule of answers to a form, in such a way that if one of the options of a certain value is YES, after completing the form, jump to a page with content X. If the answer to that value is NO, When submitting the form, jump to a page with a content Y.

I have tried various ways to do it with the campaign builder but what I think I am configuring does not bring me the expected result.

Could you please guide me on how to achieve such an automation configuration?

Thank you very much!

I don’t that is possible with Mautic. U would need a conditional redirect on form submission and mautic forms can only do a single redirect.

Campaigns would not work as they need to wait for a cron to run so too much of a delay and I don’t see practically how that would work.

I think you need a more sophisticated piece of form software to capture the info and do the conditional redirects. Push the data to Mautic via API or webhooks.

oops, I already thought that my capabilities were limited and I had better expectations with mautic.

Thanks for your reply, and if anyone has any ideas, they’re always welcome.