AWS EC2 issue! (Ubuntu server 20.20)

Greatings everyone, first timer here.

I have issues with AWS and Ubuntu server. I have installed PHP 8, Apache2 and MariaDB. I want to install Mautic4 via FTP (vsfptd) (or is there an easier way do download Mautic4 to ubuntu server?) but my FTP doesnt allow me to access the html folder. I get this text from Filezilla:
“Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead”.

Im not 100% sure what this mean in text. I really struggle here with understanding why I can’t access via Filezilla. If this issue can be resolved I think I can do the rest :slight_smile:

I would use ssh instead of ftp. Furthermore this seems like an issue AWS support issue, rather then Mautic.

Enable ssh access to your instance and download tar release from GitHub page. Then install mautic via bin/console command rather then web GUI.

Regards, M.