Basic Points question

Can someone help - I know I should already know the answer to this but here goes.

I am using the global point function to add 1 point when someone opens an email. However, at the moment, it is adding additional points if the same person opens the same email a 2nd and third time.

Is there a way through the global point function to only add 1 point per email that is opened

There is a toggle switch on the point set up page for allowing or not allowing repeatable actions. Set it to not repeat to have it only trigger once.

thanks @robm

I have tested it and if I set it to not repeatable it will only add a point when the 1st email is opened. if they receive a 2nd email (different from the 1st) it would not add a point.

What I am looking to do is add a point per unique email opened. for example: if I set it up as 1 point per open and send the person 2 emails that they open the points should be 2. at the moment the system will only give them 1 point (if its set as not repeatable)

Interesting idea.

However, what happens if a user opens the mail (i.e. +1) but the message is very nice (e.g. a coupon) and I send this message to a friend? Will there be +1 then?

that’s a good point - the issue with scoring if someone forwards the email is that the points would be allocated against the original person not the new person that opened it so it would give a false score.