Are emails sent from the point trigger repeated?

Hi Guys,

Please could someone tell me if an email sent from points>manage triggers>events can only be sent once or if it can be repeated?

What I would like to do is to send the same email when 100 points is met and when the email is sent reset the points to 10 and if points go up again to 100 resend the same email.

Is this how it works please or do I need to create an email at each points level?

Thank you


One way to do this is to set a points trigger at 100 points. Have the trigger add to a segment called something like “100 points”.

Create a campaign that is triggered by that segment. Set an action to send the email you want. Make sure to set the email to transactional so it can be sent multiple times. Also set the campaign to allow contacts to restart the campaign.

The next action in the campaign is to remove 90 points to take the contact back to 10 points.

Then remove them from the segment and the campaign.

When they hit 100 points for a second time, the points trigger will fire and initiate the campaign.

Thanks robm, I will give it a go!